PTBO Game Jam 01

I had the great pleasure of taking part in the inaugural PTBO Game Jam, held in August 2016.  It was scheduled for 30 hours starting Saturday morning and ending Sunday evening.  Two days of concentrated effort with the aim to create a prototype game.

The theme for PTBO Game Jam 01 was Cats On Leashes. It was entirely up to participants to decide how to interpret the theme. There were quite a variety of games dreamt up during the event.

My game concept started like this:

game design sketch

The player must defend flower gardens by operating a hose or sprinkler system. They can spray water on the cats to score points and annoy them. The cats leave the garden if they keep getting annoying. The game ends once all the flowers are destroyed. At that point a final score is shown.

The final version of the game looked like this:

Get Off My Lawn!

Play the web version or download from (Windows or Android).