Game Jam Spirit

My last post was about the game I submitted for PTBO Game Jam 01. This time I would like to talk a bit about my experience during that event.

A game jam is a pressure cooker by design. Participants are given little to no information about the theme prior to the event. And the actual development of the game takes place during a highly compressed time window (30 hours in this case).

You would think the added pressure would make the game jam a very unpleasant experience. I found it produced the opposite result.

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PTBO Game Jam 01

I had the great pleasure of taking part in the inaugural PTBO Game Jam, held in August 2016.  It was scheduled for 30 hours starting Saturday morning and ending Sunday evening.  Two days of concentrated effort with the aim to create a prototype game.

The theme for PTBO Game Jam 01 was Cats On Leashes. It was entirely up to participants to decide how to interpret the theme. There were quite a variety of games dreamt up during the event.

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